Installation and Performance

Artist Jane Elizabeth Bennett’s practice is an examination of the world in which she finds her self. To her, existence is filled with systems of discontinuity. Meaning that memories fade, language is inadequate and places continually fracture and reform. Explore her Installation and performance projects.

Cannot Touch 16993

Jane Elizabeth Bennett PR1 Gallery Wendy Yu

State of Print

‘We propose then to cast adrift on a nonsense of our own (print)making – a makeshift non geographical region built upon the flow of ink and a constitutional raft of recycled cardboard.’ – State of Print


State of Print, Jane Elizabeth Bennett, UCLAN, Harrington, Installation
State of Print

Art Zoo

‘Art Zoo is part performance, part installation and Part living sculpture. See artists working live!’ – Jane Elizabeth Bennett

Steph Cottle Art Zoo, Zoo Keeper, by Jane Elizabeth Bennett at the Harris Preston 2018 Images from the Art Zoo, Installation
Steph Cottle Art Zoo, ZooKeeper, Performative Installation

Dream Space

‘Finding a space to engage with daydreaming.’ – Jane Elizabeth Bennett

Dream Space, Animation

The Sublime Moment

‘It follows that the sublime must not be sought in things of nature, but must be sought solely in our ideas.’ – KANT

'The Sublime Moment' Installation work by artist Jane Elizabeth Bennett. Specialising in developing immersive visual and sonic environments that question the nature of 'place'.
The Sublime Moment-  Installation and Performance

Abandon Normal Devices – Mobile Republic

‘Abandon Normal Devices is one of the biggest media arts festivals in the UK. The festival provides artists a space for new models of working.’ – Abandon Normal Devices

Perspex and Mirrored Installation