Contemporary Printmaking by Jane Elizabeth Bennett

Jane Elizabeth Bennett is a contemporary printmaking artist who works across multiple print platforms. She exhibits printmaking nationally and internationally and has been nominated for the Refresh Art Award in 2019 with a hand-bound screen-printed book. Bennett’s works have been shown in Bart’s Pathology Museum London, 5th Base Gallery London and 44AD Bath.

Bennett’s preferred print media is screen printing however, she has an expansive portfolio which includes stone lithography, intaglio processes and more recently digital woodcut and type-setting.

Contemporary Printmaking


A Deep (Subjective) Ache, Being Human Festival Re-Humanising Medicine, Contact
A Deep (Subjective) Ache

Fractured Self

Alpha Theta at the Old Biscuit Factory
Hand-bound book, screen print


Jane Elizabeth Bennett North Volume Four Screenprint and Lithography
Seeking Identity

State Of Print

State of Print, Jane Elizabeth Bennett, University of Central Lancashire
The State of Print, Screen Print and Installation



Outcome, Artlab, PhD Fellowship and AA2A 2017 2018 Exhibition Jane Elizabeth Bennett
‘Outcome’, Artlab, PhD Fellowship, Soft Ground Etching



Office, Screenprint on South Bank 28 x 38cm Jane E Bennett printmaking
Office, Screen Print

Environment 2017

Jane Elizabeth Bennett, Screen Print

20:20 Printmaking Exchange

Jane Elizabeth Bennett, Photopolymer Etching

Bennett is currently a printmaking technician at the University of Central Lancashire within the Art Lab Contemporary Printmaking Studio. Her in-depth skill set enables her to work across multiple print media, this includes relief (digital woodcut, woodcut, and lino) etching (hard ground, soft ground, and phototype) as well as stone lithography and typesetting. 

For more information on Bennett’s Contemporary, Printmaking Practice contact her here or via Curator Space.