The Gaps Between

The Gaps Between – A series of artist books

The Gaps Between is a series of artist books, made from Southbank smooth paper, greyboard and book cloth. The images are screen printed then folded by hand. The books explore my own fragmented neurology and how it affects my experience of ‘place’.


The artist books exploring feelings of dislocation through the creation of an archive of ‘none-place’ photography and journal entries. The archive consists of photographs of my travels and commutes and documents times when I feel dislocated from ‘normal’ reality, I am neither ‘here’ nor ‘there’. The image used in half of the concertina books is of images from this archive.

The Gaps Between

The graphs and images which appear within this series are of EEG taken of my brain activity or MRI scans were taken whilst undertaking various tasks. Through the books, I am attempting to reconcile my atypical neurology and subsequent life experiences.

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