Fractured Self

Fractured Self

Alpha Theta at the Old Biscuit Factory

Fractured Self is an exploration of the feelings of dislocation between the perceived and actual self. Who I am and how do I see myself?

Three-dimensional scans have been taken of my myself and whilst they provide an accurate representation of me, they are fractured where data has been inadequately collected and have been reduced to nets and frames to connect missing information. We, as viewers, need to form a visual narrative and explore the portrait.

The pleats and folds further distort the portraits, sectioning the image and giving the form flexibility. Perhaps it is stronger with the folds, perhaps the image is more distorted and less obvious, but there is a face there. There is a self.

What can we really understand about a person from a face though? I frequently ask myself this question. What does a face tell me? What do I know of a persons ‘self’ from their face?

The books also allude to the creative bedtime stories that we tell ourselves about our lives before sleep which will often affect our dreams. Perhaps we can close them or decide upon our own narrative?