Creative Differences – Auction Ending Soon

Jane_Elizabeth_Bennett_Creative_Differences_Autistica Creative Differences

Autistica’s Creative Differences Auction will be ending on Tuesday the 27th October at 20:00 GMT.

There is still time to visit the auction site and bid on your favourite work.  By bidding on the artworks, you are supporting the arts in addition to supporting a hugely diverse community of autistic people and their families. The artwork can be viewed and bid’s placed here.

bid Artistic Differences, Autistica

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Connections Exhibition Banner

The University of Central Lancashire’s Hanover Project presents ‘Connections‘.

Hanover Projects first solely online exhibition. Including practising artists, current 3rd-year students, alumni and UCLan tutors. Curated by Gallery Intern Abigail Rooney.

During the lockdown, my heart has been breaking for creative students; they had to leave their studios and gallery spaces. There is nothing quite like the atmosphere of an active artist studio for making that ‘magic’ happen, outside of that space it can be difficult. However, they have taken this challenge in their stride and been incredibly proactive. This will be the Hanover projects first entirely digital exhibition, and I am so proud to be part of it.

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Creative Differences – Exploring Art and Autism

Jane_Elizabeth_Bennett_Creative_Differences_Autistica Creative Differences

Creative Differences – Exploring Art and Autism

I am so pleased to announce that I will be taking part in ‘Creative Differences’; An online auction and exhibition. The aim of the event is to raise funds for ‘Autistica’ a UK based autistic charity.

The auction will take place on 13th October 2020 from 19:00 GMT via Zoom. This is an exclusive opportunity to support a vibrant charity in addition to the arts. Artists and makers have been hit incredibly hard during COVID so it’s great to feel supported by Autistica. By buying a unique artwork, you are advocating for the artist and funding a charity that gives so much to the autistic community. Continue reading “Creative Differences – Exploring Art and Autism”

Interrupting Solitude

Interrupting Solitude Chamber One

Interrupting Solitude – My last weekly blog for the Zero Hour Residency

Time always amazes me, the way in which it can fluctuate. We have an abundance one moment and none the next. I think the act of interrupting solitude brought on by the pandemic has compelled the time to fly. Wendy and I have had long days of protracted conversations followed by intense days of making over the past four weeks and yet the month seems to have vanished. I suppose this is a good analogy for our residency; Searching for closeness while separated by over 1036km; Finding intimacy whilst in isolation; Time feeling abundant and scarce at the same moment.

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Intimacy in Isolation

Intimacy in Isolation, Soft Hands, Jane Elizabeth Bennett, Wendy Yu

Intimacy in Isolation.

This week has been one of meetings, technical failures and rethinking. And if I’m honest, I’ve had a great time. There is something so exciting about developing and growing a project, then pushing it in new directions. When technology fails or isn’t accessible during a pandemic, you really do just have to be creative and find new avenues of exploration. Part of creating these new avenues of research has been the group crits. Group crits are something that I actually really miss from my university days.

Wendy Yu and I have been separately attending group crits to discuss the development of the project. It has been an amazing opportunity to speak with other artists taking part in the Zero Hour Residency; as well as mentors brought in by We Belong Here. I was lucky enough to speak with Daniel Saul who hosted a group crit and Shabari Roa who I was pleased to have a development meeting with.

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