Creative Differences – Auction Ending Soon

Autistica’s Creative Differences Auction will be ending on Tuesday the 27th October at 20:00 GMT.

There is still time to visit the auction site and bid on your favourite work.  By bidding on the artworks, you are supporting the arts in addition to supporting a hugely diverse community of autistic people and their families. The artwork can be viewed and bid’s placed here.

bid Artistic Differences, Autistica

If you missed the webinar it is now available to view online. I was invited to join the panel at the last moment which was such a privilege. I really enjoyed the conversation and having the opportunity to speak with the other panellist.  It is so refreshing to be part of a community of creative and passionate individuals, each pursuing unique goals.

For ‘Creative Differences’, I have extended my ‘Identity’ series and made an edition of 3 hand-pulled prints. The prints explore my own autistic identity and are an atypical self-portrait. The delicate prints are created through my breath and capture my breathing in my studio. Unlike a traditional self-portrait, they don’t portray me or my visual identity.

This is an intimate insight into my art practice and my identity. I look forward to sharing this at the auction. I have included a tiny snippet of the new print ‘In Pursuit Of’ a multi-layered metallic screenprint above. The edition is a strict limit of three with the first print in the edition available at the auction.

Don’t forget the auction will end soon, so make sure to place your bids now!