We Belong Here: Zero Hour Virtual Residency

Zero Hour Residency – A virtual residency in a time of social distancing.

I’m so excited to be taking part in Zero Hour, the newest project by arts group ‘We Belong Here’. Zero Hour is a collaborative transdisciplinary online residency; bringing together artists and performers to create a new body of work.

For this residency, I have been partnered with dancer and coder Wendy Yu. Yu is currently working and researching in Berlin. Our collaborative project will investigate ‘touch’ and the physicality of the body.

We Belong Here Zero Hour Residency Logo

About We Belong Here’s Virtual Residency

‘We Belong Here stands by expression across art forms, be it artists, poets, dramatists, musicians or dancers, across age groups and across communities, building contemporary spaces where they may all exist in unison.’ – We Belong Here

Over the next four weeks, Wendy Yu and I will collaborate, exploring shared themes of touch, data interpretation and representation.

Our aim is to use the ‘Zero Hour’ Residency to combine our artistic practices, visual arts and performance.

We will be taking advantage of digital technologies to communicate and explore the physicality of the body. I think this is especially poignant in a time of social distancing and isolation; whilst communities have been separated, we are still finding ways to come together.  We are still striving for methods of expression.

Zero Hour Residency by We Belong Here


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