BBC ‘D for Diagnosis’ – Ever Changing Labels

The Gaps Between, EEG Two Right of the Concertina Book Ever Changing Labels About Jane Elizabeth Bennett Exhibition opening night at the PR1 Gallery

‘Ever Changing Labels’ is the final episode on BBC Radio 4 ‘s series ‘D for Diagnosis’.

I became involved with the BBC Radio 4 program earlier this year because I was taking part in a research trial; ‘GABA pathways in Autism Spectrum Disorder’ at the Institute of Psychiatry at Kings College. Over the course of the research project and through the BBC Radio 4 program I have learned so much about autism and the complex nature of ‘diagnosis’.

Jane Elizabeth Bennett MRI Scan, Kings College London Autistica
Jane Elizabeth Bennett MRI Scan, Kings College London

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BBC D for Diagnosis – What’s in a Label

The Gaps Between, EEG Three Front of the Concertina Book Whats in a Label D for diagnosis Exhibition opening night at the PR1 Gallery

‘What’s in a Label’ is the second in the BBC Radio 4 series, D For Diagnosis. This episode investigates what diagnostic labels can mean to individuals.

‘In this second programme in the series, Claudia considers the value and the accuracy of diagnoses in mental health. Unlike a broken wrist, diabetes or anaemia, where you can be fairly hopeful that the testing makes the diagnosis watertight, there is not a single x-ray, blood test or biopsy that can give a definitive diagnosis of a mental health problem.’ – D for Diagnosis

What’s in a Label?

In the second episode in the series, I talk about receiving my diagnosis of ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). After receiving my diagnosis, I realised that all the things I had previously struggled with (predominantly audio and visual sensory overload) were long-time themes within my art practice. I realised that I had been fighting myself to fit into a ‘normal’ career and adhere to ‘normal’ social conventions.  It was at that point I decided to walk away from a career in retail and move into higher education where my ‘deficits’ suddenly felt like strengths.

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BBC’s ‘D For Diagnosis’

BBC Radio 4, D For Diagnosis

I will be featured in two episodes of BBC Radio 4’s new program, ‘D For Diagnosis’.

The first episode airs at 11 am UK time on Friday 12th July and can be accessed via this link BBC Radio 4. The first episode, titled ‘What’s in a Name’ deals with the history of Diagnosis.

‘In this first of three programmes, Claudia Hammond explores the history of classification for diagnoses of the mind and discovers that diagnostic labels are very much artefacts of the cultural and social preoccupations of the time.’ – BBC Radio 4

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