A Ph.D. Development Fellowship with UCLan

I have had a fantastic time during the last year, working hard on my Ph.D. Development Fellowship.

The Artlab Contemporary Printmaking Studios is about to close down for the annual Summer break, and most of the Academic staff have left to take on their own research projects. For me, this means that for me the Ph.D. Development Fellowship has come to a close. Over the last year, I have immersed myself in new texts, written proposals and grown a professional academic network; something that I think would have been difficult to fully commit to without the support and guidance provided during this time.

I’d especially like to thank the staff at the Unversity of Central Lancashire

Dr. Andrew Broadey

Tracy Hill

Magda Stawarska-Beavan

Bev Lamey

All that is left to do now is organize the Ph.D. Development Fellowship, Artlab Fellowship, and AA2A Programme Exhibitions which will take place in the PR1 Gallery between the 16th December 2017 and 11th February 2018. I look forward to showing prints and installed works from my ‘1000 Plateaus’ project.

1000 Plateaus, Jane Elizabeth Bennett, Etching 2017 ©

I’d also like to announce that, due to this fellowship I have exciting new prospects on the horizon! I will be announcing these projects over the coming year.

The AA2A

During the last year, I have been lucky enough to work along side artists on the AA2A Programme. It has been a pleasure to see each of these artists develop a new body of work as well as foster new relationships.

Having recruited student curator Elizabeth Challinor from the UCLan Fine Art course, I know that the December show is going to offer fresh and exciting new work. To get an idea of what will be on display, it is worth taking a look at some of the artists that will be involved. Their work is unique and beautiful in equal measure.

Jacqui Symons

Jenny Steele 

Lanty Ball

Theresa Taylor

Jess Rotherham

To apply for the University of Central Lancashire’s  AA2A Programme you can click here

The Artlab Fellowship

I have also had the pleasure of working with the Artlab Fellowship artists. This has been especially exciting, as I undertook the Fellowship in 2010/2011. Artlab Fellows are selected by Artlab from the student body for their stand out achievements in contemporary printmaking.

Tina Dempsy

Clifford Richards

The Ph.D Development Fellowship

My Ph.D. Development colleague Deb Stevenson will also be taking part in the show. She will be showcasing some of the new work that is part of her Ph.D. which she is now undertaking at UCLan.

Deb Stevenson

The exhibition will take place between 16th December 2017 and 11th February 2018.

A Selection of work made during the Fellowship

Screen Print, Environment 2017 Printmaking, Ph.D Development Fellowship
Jane Elizabeth Bennett, Screen Print, Somerset Paper 2017©

Screen Print, Printmaking, Ph.D Development Fellowship
Jane Elizabeth Bennett, Multi layered Kurani, Screen Print, 2017 ©

Etching, Intaglio, Printmaking, Ph.D Development Fellowship
Jane Elizabeth Bennett, Close Up of the intaglio print of the air dried zinc plate with water impurities.