An Autistic Auto-Ethnographic Walk

Image Crossing the Road

I’m so pleased to announce that my film ‘An Autistic Auto-Ethnographic Walk’ has won the ‘Research Film’ award at the University of Reading’s Doctoral Conference.

This film is an auto-ethnographic walk, meaning that it is my perspective. This film highlights the lack of high-quality research regarding the authentic female autistic experience. I hope this silent film goes some way to explain the importance of asking ‘how do autistic women appropriate public space?’



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ESRC Funded SeNSS Scholarship

SeNSS Logo

I have been awarded a full ESRC Funded SeNSS Scholarship!

I am overwhelmed and hugely overjoyed to announce that I have won a SeNSS (South-East Social Sciences) scholarship. This is a full student led scholarship funded by the ESRC (Economic Social Research Council).

The aim of this project is to explore how autistic women’s complex embodied experience of the built environment may be codified or systematically analysed, through a perceptual model of wayfinding. Empowering autistic women’s wayfinding thus widens participation in the design of placemaking for minority groups. This project has grown from my own photography practice where I’ve explored my own autism in relation to the built environment.

Barcelona Reflections, Jane Elizabeth Bennett 2014 ©

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